Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jackie Kennedy-1960’s

A woman not only known for being a first lady, but also a woman remembered for her intelligence, hard work ethic, elegant style and as an icon for American society.

Who was Jackie Kennedy?

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy was married to John Fitzgerald Kennedy and became the First Lady of the United States on January 20, 1961. Not only was she famous for being the wife of one of the most popular presidents of the United States, she was remembered for her passion of history and the arts, her work in restoring the White House, her style and fashion and her impact on the American society.

Her Passion for the History and the Arts.

One of her most famous contributions as the first lady of the United States was her promotion of History and the Arts. Jackie made serious efforts to have the American culture except the artistic scene. So she would invite artists, writers, poets and other people of the Arts to the White House so they could mingle with politicians and other political figures. Jackie embraced these meetings to promote these intellectual and creative groups and educate the American society about these groups. These efforts by Jackie were her first steps to beginning of her legacy.

Her work in restoring the White House.

Another contribution of Jackie’s was her work in restoring the White House. She first wanted to make the White House a home for her family and then continued to make it a historical masterpiece to share with the public. She made a kindergarten school, and put in a pool, a swing set and a tree house for her kids. She wanted to restore the White House so the people of America would have a greater appreciation for the White House itself and the hard working people in it. Her hard work during her years as the first lady won her an Emmy award.

Her style and fashion sense.

Not only was Jackie intelligent, hard working and famous, she a woman that was praised for her beauty and fashion sense and also became a trend setter for many women of the United States. Jackie had natural beauty that she dressed up with her sense of fashion. Jackie wore A-line dresses, white jeans, belts, scarves, designers such as Valentino and Givenchy, dark sunglasses and pearl necklaces. Today we see this type of style re-emerging, meaning her time as the first lady still has an effect on women today.

Her impact on the American society.

During her time as first lady she made many contributions to the American society and left a strong legacy that still lives on today. Her promotion of the Arts and History has given America a greater appreciation for those subjects that are becoming more popular today. Her restoration of the White House gave the public and is still giving the public a chance to be apart of the President’s life. And her beauty and fashion sense has given women of America a lady to look up to and be inspired by, and her fashion sense still lives on today. Even though she was an intelligent, hard working woman who made many great contributions and created a legacy for herself, what I believe that she is most remembered for is being an powerful woman in America’s history. She stood out and did things other first ladies did not. She gave women of America a leader to follow and someone to act like. She was a positive influence for that time period and for the woman of America. She was courageous and because of her courage, many women after her and today are following in her foot steps making positive and needed contributions to the United States.

-Allison Kanaman

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