Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shirley Temple Black- A Child Star and Political Achiever

Who is Shirley Temple?

Born Shirley Jane Temple in 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She was commonly known as a child star of the 30's. Her curly blond ringlet hair, singing voice, tap dance abilities, and noticeable lisp were just a few factors that made her a famous child star of the decade. Many people say she was the most sophisticated performer they have ever seen, some even saying she was more mature than many of the adults she worked with on set.

Where has she been Seen?

Shirley Temple became well-known in 1934 when she starred in four separate films that year; Little Miss Marker, Baby Take a Bow, Now and Forever, and Bright Eyes. At this time Shirley Temple was only six years old and was even awarded an Academy Award that was quoted, "in grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution." Her popularity peaked from 1935-1938 where she was named the "biggest box-office attraction in Hollywood." Being only ten years old, these achievements were massive.

Little Girl Growing Up:

When Shirley was just 17 years old she married her first husband John Agar, who eventually could not cope with being "Mr. Shirley Temple." He quickly turned into an alcoholic when he could not deal with the consequences of being married to a child star. They divorced when Shirley was just 21 years old. Soon after her divorce, she met Mr. Charles Black on a Hawaiian vacation, who had never seen any of her films, and did not even know she was a famous child star. They married shortly after returning home and were lovers from the very start. She stated, "from the very first time I saw him, I knew he was perfect for me."


In 1967, Shirley Temple Black ran for the United States Congress on a platform of urging more American involvement in the Vietnam war. Her debate was good but she did not win the election. Although she lost the election, she was still determined to somehow make a difference. She attributed to some political cartoons and still remained active in Republican politics. Shirley Temple Black began serving as a United States Representative. She was even an ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She was always proud and determined to make a difference in her work as a U.S. Representative doing whatever she could to help.

A quote she once stated says "Shirley Temple doesn't hurt Shirley Temple Black. Shirley Temple helps Shirley Temple Black." Regardless of who she was in the past, she wanted everyone to realize she was way more than just a child star of the 1930's, but she could also make a difference in her political life as well. She was a woman of great drive and determination. From her famous child star days until her proud United States Representative days, she has always remained an influential icon of America known first for her curly ringlet hair and last for her government achievements.

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